Staring through a glass storefront at the Sambil shopping mall

Staring through a glass storefront at the Sambil shopping mall, Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags sees more than a struggling business in the near-empty shelves of a Casio electronics store. She sees a country in sad decline.

Since its inauguration in 1999, Caracas’ biggest mall has been a hive of frenzied shopping, a glitzy counterpoint to the anti-capitalist tirades of the late Hugo Chavez. Today, a few die-hard shoppers stroll through dimly lit corridors, past stained walls in need of a paint job, and shuttered boutiques. In those stores that are open, employees spread out their dwindling supply of garments, cellphones and designer bags on shelves and window displays.

Fifteen years of socialist rule and an acute economic crisis is catching up with Venezuela’s shopping malls, once impenetrable oases of consumerism where rich and poor alike sought refuge from crime-ridden streets.

“It makes you bitter to think that a country so rich is sinking deeper into ruin every day,” said Sanchez, a 39-year-old sales clerk visiting from Puerto Ordaz in southern Venezuela, where she said shelves are even more barren.

While a decade of rigid price controls long ago forced Venezuelans to scavenge for basic goods like toilet paper and corn flour,Louis Vuitton Bags Online an oil-fueled spending boom and hands-off approach to less-essential parts of the economy had always left stores filled with North Face jackets and Louis Vuitton handbags, catering to the well-off looking display their social status with designer brands.

Things started to change with the election a year ago of President Nicolas Maduro and the onset of an economic crisis that has been the main driver of deadly protests shaking the country over the past three months.

With the supply of dollars drying up as oil production wanes, imports have fallen and shortages have hit record levels. Meanwhile, galloping 57 percent inflation is eroding families’ purchasing power.

Maduro says the problems are a result of price gouging and hoarding by opposition-aligned merchants waging an “economic war” to destabilize his government.

His response has sent shockwaves through the retail industry. In November, Louis Vuitton Bags Online Store seized a nationwide chain of appliance stores and slashed prices on fridges, plasma TVs and computers. The fire sale, which emptied the shelves, was followed by an even more devastating blow to business: a freeze on commercial rents at rates more than 50 percent lower than they had been at some malls.

The retail landscape has never looked more forlorn.

Incomes for shopping malls plummeted by as much as 75 percent as a result of the rent freeze, according to Claudia Itriago, director of the Venezuelan Chamber of Shopping Centers.

Malls that were a rare magnet for investment under Chavez are now at risk of shutting down. To reduce costs, many are cutting back on frills such as holiday displays, and even essential services like cleaning and air conditioning. At Sambil, many of its escalators sit idle for lack of maintenance.

At Tolon Mall, one of the capital’s most chic shopping spots, dozens of stores are closed on any given day. Strict labor laws make it nearly impossible to fire workers. So to get around the juggernaut and reduce payroll costs, many stores don’t bother to open every day. When they do, bored clerks fiddle with their cell phones and flip through magazines.

Until recently, Venezuela’s shopping centers thrived as consumer spending surged. Between the late 1990s and 2007, the number of malls in the country nearly doubled to 400. Owners invested lavishly in security systems and hired armies of guards, making malls one of the few safe places in a country with one of the world’s highest murder rates.

This year, shopping centers have slashed security and maintenance personnel, something they can do because such work is outsourced. Many shops at Sambil now close before dark out of safety concerns.

How quickly shelves are restocked may be a key indicator of events to come. More than the protests, which are concentrated in middle-class neighborhoods and are unlikely to force Maduro’s resignation, it’s the the health of the economy could decide the president’s fate.

The International Monetary Fund is forecasting the economy will contract 0.5 percent this year.

Merchants suffering the most are those selling clothes, toys and electronics — anything that’s imported.

“There is nothing to buy,” said Dariana Henriquez, a 20-year-old student looking into a barren Tolon clothing shop. “We come to the malls to have fun, but imagine if there is nothing to see, nothing to buy?”

Louis Vuitton Bags Online Store Shanghai Louis Vuitton home

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Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2014 On the Road “Bandana” Sneakers

The good folks over at Louis Vuitton are always dropping some refreshing new concepts and designs, matching high fashion with street fashion and coming up with something rather dope. Well today is no different as we get a first look at the new On the Road “Bandana” Sneakers from Louis V. The collection is a rather dope, rather iconic looking pair of kicks, coming in the classic blue and red set ups that makes for something stunning and quite eye-catching.

The sneaker is accessorized at the front and back with distinctive metal plaques, one of which is engraved with Louis Vuitton Bags Online, while additional accents and details come from the rubber Louis Vuitton label, anatomic insock and rubber sole. These are definitely something to add to the collection, and are now available at select Louis Vuitton retailers for approximately $800 USD. Check out the gallery below and speak on it after the jump.

Stay tuned for more from Louis Vuitton Bags Online Store coming soon

lways aiming to stay ahead of the fold and a little more stylish than the rest, Louis Vuitton is back. This time around they return with something unique and different for our viewing enjoyment, which puts all the focus on their new jewelry collection.

The impressive video, aptly titled ‘Emprise’, was done by Surface to Air Studio, who happened to make something flawless and luxurious to promote the collection. “Emprise” is set to French musician Gesaffelstein’s “Aleph” and takes the viewer through a seemingly never-ending labyrinth of rooms. Check out the interesting video clip after the jump and speak your mind on it down below. Stay tuned for more from Louis Vuitton Bags Online Store coming soon!

Louis Vuitton Escale Worldtime Watch

The good folks over at Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags are known for making stunning, brilliant, and eye-catching fashion. They’ve been doing it for years, and today their back with something new for our viewing enjoyment. Today we get a detailed first look at the latest edition to the Louis line up, the impressive, sleek, and visually stunning Escale Worldtime.

This beautiful timepiece features a dial that displays 24 cities and countries around the world, hand painted using 38 different colors. The beautiful design on the face sits in a equally as beautiful white gold 41mm case with lugs mimicking the brackets from the corners of Louis Vuitton trunks. It even boasts some interesting new designs as well, including actually losing extra hands, replacing them with three separate rotating dials. With only 20 pieces will be made this year, with retail set at $67,500, you may want to act fast!

TomFord history of the most sexy package

When we mention Tom Ford we may use “cool” to describe it,Louis Vuitton Bags Online Store  in addition to designer Tom Ford Tom Ford often madness , as synonymous with their home design is tasteful , creative , fresh yet classic style , but as we a major culprit favorite Tom Ford , but you may not know in fact, before Tom Ford Tom Ford questioned for some e-commerce, online shopping has become a trend but now , with many big names have launched the official website to provide customers direct online purchase, perhaps all sorts under pressure, he finally set up Tom Ford ‘s e-commerce site , so that everyone can buy a mouse little point fantasy product !

Of course, the so-called fashion golden boy Tom Ford Tom Ford ‘s first foray into online shopping site and did not disappoint , seductively nude female model who rely on bags and shoes , people move not open eyes,Louis Vuitton Bags Online  and shy not look , so not only bring out the characteristics of goods , but also to show the full spirit of the brand Tom Ford .
Red handcuffs clutch unconventional, creative ! Sexy printed on purple evening bag bold and distinctive landmark on the “No Man Can Tame This Dame! ( Any man can not tame the lady ! ) ” Full of temptation ! Holding a bag which can highlight any of your unique personality, suction eye of the hundred percent !
Charlotte Olympia2014 early autumn bags , Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags is handmade by Italian artisans completed , fine and elegant . The new design pieces to Charlotte Olympia ‘s core spirit of the brand as a starting point , showing the brand’s creativity and sheer courage. Perhaps , it is not an everyday necessity, but when you want to do once epistemic to a new style in front of the crowd , a simple bag can meet your wishes !

Givenchy Givenchy Antigona bag 2014 Summer Series

Some people think : “When everyone is carrying the same bag out to the streets , she would not have a unique eye-catching looks , then Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags  will lose its meaning .” This way of thinking there is some truth in it , but in fact stand the time of the baptism of a bag, its rich history and creation stories on people who have the same crazy attractive. As Chanel (Chanel) classic black clamshell package from New York to Tokyo , whether it is in any corner of the world ,Louis Vuitton Bags Online Store is always the most coveted women ‘s fashion accessories. Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) classic old flowers Speedy bag after 70 years, but is still very popular . Of course , Givenchy Antigona bag is a classic one !
Givenchy Antigona bag was first introduced in 2010 , although still young , but many women can fall in love with it at first sight , which proves that it is not all things , the Louis Vuitton Bags Online is a classic ! Antigona bag and casual wear whether mix or match with the dress , can bring out the carriers temperament, very wild . In order to follow the laws of nature colorful summer , Givenchy Antigona bag 2014 introduced a new color equally colorful, colorful bags , there are always a your favorite !

Splurge du Jour: Saint Laurent Small Sac De Jour Carryall Bag in Neon Pink

Pink is my favorite color so naturally I can’t get enough of hot pink accessories! Several years ago I spotted a pic of Savannah Brinson-James toting a fluro pink Celine Luggage Tote and I had to have one. I had my ‘bag guy’ at Neiman Marcus track one down for me in about two days and it’s been my favorite bag ever since. But now there’s some competition. This Saint Laurent Small Sac De Jour Carryall Bag in Neon Pink has my heart this Spring.

Made of hot pink calfskin leather, the sleek tote features a boxy silhouette, with a ‘belting’ around the top and accordion-style sides. Inside, the bag has two compartments with a zip closure divider, pockets and zip pockets, plus luxe suede lining. Back on the exterior, the bag features a simple, gold stamped logo and a detachable gold-tone padlock charm. It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap which is absolutely necessary on these bigger bags that tend to get really heavy carrying them in the crook of your arm, all day! The only thing I don’t like is the open top. In my opinion, bigger bags should always have a full, zip closure.

DELSEY Shares Packing Tips for Any Trip

has over 65 years of experience designing luggage that makes travel seamless, and now, the iconic French brand known for both timeless quality and audacious design, is offering travelers a few steps to take to make packing perfect.

Step one: Weight, size….
Understand limitations. Traveling by car, with an empty trunk to fill? In this case, the more the merrier! But for those traveling by air, it is worth looking into weight and size restrictions to eliminate those last minute surprises when checking it at the airport.

Most airlines enforce a 50 pound weight restriction for checked bags and DELSEY has created a patent-pending device integrated on the top handle of the suitcase to alert travelers when bags exceed the standard limit. When luggage is packed, travelers simply lift the bag by the top handle and a red mark signals bags that are over 50 pounds. Built into the carry handle of the case, the mechanically operated DELSEY Over Weight Indicator is impossible to forget, and guaranteed to eliminate the last minute luggage shuffle at the check-in counter.

Step two: The essentials
Make a master list of everything needed, every day. This list can include all the basics, like a toothbrush and toothpaste, and all personal must-haves, like special face cream or hair straightener. Now, keep this list and re-use it for the next trip!

Step three: Mix and match
Forget total outfits. First, consult the local weather forecast. Then, choose a basic color theme and stick with it — blacks or navies, whites or creams — so that you can pack a set of mix and match basics. Pack familiar items — now is not the time to experiment with new pieces. Leave behind articles which wrinkle too much or show wear too easily. And take multifunctional pieces like a blazer or cardigan to coordinate with pants or a dress. With the space saved, there is room for one or two extravagant items — or for souvenirs picked up along the way! Need a little more info? offers possible content lists for each suitcase, outlining how much can fit in each bag!

Step four: Shoes, shoes, purses and shoes!
Oh the agony! Again, sticking to a color theme will make decisions so much easier. Take a comfortable pair of shoes, as traveling always involves a lot of walking. Now, take one pair that can dress anything up with for the evening. And finally, wear the biggest pair while travelling. As for purses, the same rules apply — take one for the day, which can possibly double as a second carry-on bag, and a little bag for the evening, which can easily slip into the suitcase.

Step five: Toiletries
Searching for a little piece of home away from home? For many people, that comes in the shape of toiletries and cosmetics. Always remember the 100 ml rule — anything larger than 100 mls can only be packed in checked luggage. And collect samples of favorite brands to use during the trip. This will drastically reduce the volume of toiletries required.

Step six: Accessories
If there is one area people can pack a few outstanding items in, this is it! Pack all the basics, and sneak in a few extras just in case. Those sparkly earrings? Check. A bangle bracelet? Why not?

Step seven: Packing vs unpacking
One last rule? The less you pack, the less you have to unpack!

For additional packing tips, experience DELSEY at
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About DELSEY: An iconic brand, DELSEY is a French company and a creator of baggage since 1946. For more than 65 years DELSEY has offered consumers cases which bring together quality and audacious design. DELSEY creates ingenious baggage designed to accompany travelers wherever they go and to adapt to all types of journey, both professional and personal. With a strong know-how, the brand is behind numerous innovations recognized by important prizes in the design world. DELSEY combines style and functionality to create products that reflect the personality of each consumer. Today DELSEY is present in all 5 continents and in more than 110 countries. A DELSEY bag is sold every 10 seconds.

JumpFromPaper to Bag…

For those that follow me on Instagram already seen me rockin’ this new bag from Taiwan-based accessory brand JumpFromPaper. Created by designer duo Chay Su and Rika Lin in 2010, the line was based on the concept of playfulness with an attempt to fulfill everyone’s childhood fantasy. The design is a combination of 2D graphics and 3D illusion to create a truly distinct line of quirky bags. The philosophy of the designers, “Why take everything so serious? We are born to enjoy the life!”

When I was introduced to this line and saw the pictures, I had to double take as it was an optical illusion, very trippy. I wasn’t sure how to interpret the cartoon-like bags, I felt like the bags were “keyed’ into the photos, very interesting. When I finally received the bags, I was quite impressed with the quality and how it was constructed. But to this day, it’s still an optical illusion for me. People on the streets had to double take as I was strolling around with my bag, I’m sure they were all thinking if the bag was real or not. Really cute and fun bags.

The collection is also very affordable, prices range from US$39 for a wallet to US$169 for a backpack. You can shop the collection on, they ship worldwide, or shop at various locations near you.

More photos after the jump…