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For those that follow me on Instagram already seen me rockin’ this new bag from Taiwan-based accessory brand JumpFromPaper. Created by designer duo Chay Su and Rika Lin in 2010, the line was based on the concept of playfulness with an attempt to fulfill everyone’s childhood fantasy. The design is a combination of 2D graphics and 3D illusion to create a truly distinct line of quirky bags. The philosophy of the designers, “Why take everything so serious? We are born to enjoy the life!”

When I was introduced to this line and saw the pictures, I had to double take as it was an optical illusion, very trippy. I wasn’t sure how to interpret the cartoon-like bags, I felt like the bags were “keyed’ into the photos, very interesting. When I finally received the bags, I was quite impressed with the quality and how it was constructed. But to this day, it’s still an optical illusion for me. People on the streets had to double take as I was strolling around with my bag, I’m sure they were all thinking if the bag was real or not. Really cute and fun bags.

The collection is also very affordable, prices range from US$39 for a wallet to US$169 for a backpack. You can shop the collection on jumpfrompaper.com, they ship worldwide, or shop at various locations near you.

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With European Parliament vote looming, official urges bag restriction

Janez Potocnik, Europe’s commissioner for the environment, told the European Parliament April 15 that plastic shopping bags are a “highly visible environmental problem” and that their over-consumption and littering need to be addressed.

“Plastic carrier bags easily escape waste management schemes and accumulate in our environment, especially in the form of marine litter. For example, plastic bags accounted for 73 percent [of waste] along the Tuscany coast,” he told members of the European Parliament.

He said that the “huge and growing consumption rates of plastic bags – one hundred billion plastic bags are used in the European Union alone – also demonstrates a squandering of resources”. Plastic bags are a symbol of our throw-away society and unsustainable lifestyles, Potocnik added.

“We use them for a few minutes but their legacy last for hundreds of years.”

The European Parliament is to vote April 17 on a proposal calling for member states to reduce the use of shopping bags by 50 percent by 2017 and 80 percent by 2019.

Public opinion is strongly behind limiting their use but public behavior needs “a nudge”, Potocnik said. This is the clear lesson from member states, such as Ireland, which have shown that simple measures lead to big changes.

“The time has come for member states to take action across the European Union, building on the successful initiatives already in place.”

This is why environment ministers have called on the Commission to make plans and it is why in November last year it tabled a proposal, Potocnik explained. “It contains two main elements – first, it requires member states to adopt measure to reduce the consumption of lightweight plastic carrier bags. And second, the proposal provides member states with a range of instruments, such as charges.

“The parliament’s draft proposals clearly show that we share the same objective – limiting the consumption and littering of plastic carrier bags.”

The Miu Miu spring / summer 2014 packages by star sought after bag


Spring summer 2014 advertising Vitello Soft Bag published by one, with its unique stitching and tailoring, simple classic shape and light and practical performance is welcome. The new handbag with profile and show the same bag and tailoring, novel, elegant personality, is a modern interpretation of the 2014 spring and summer fashion show inspiration. Exquisite details of design, including reverse leather applique adornment, invisible sewing, filling type edge decoration, make this handbag is a unique work is a fusion of innovation elements and traditions.

Lupita Nyuno (Lupita Nyong ‘O) directed a movie about the 2009 Kenya albinism patients documentary, she was admitted to the Yale School of drama performance, while at Yale she participated in many stage productions. In 2014 with the “slave for twelve years” won the Oscar Award for best supporting actress.

Miu Miu spring summer 2014 advertising campaign, Lupita Nyuno (Lupita Nyong ‘O) full of personality and the tension in the

Temperament, the perfect interpretation of the new satchel.

In 2010, Liu Wen became the following Constance Jablonski and Juan Smo Estee Lauder spokesmodel, she was also the first to do the job of the Asian model. In 2012, “New York Times” and praised her “China first supermodel”.

Stylish and comfortable and into the mainstream of flax fabric design bags storm hits


Bags to European eyes not only represents a personal taste, culture, and even become an important symbol of a kind of social status and wealth. Europeans bag design has an almost perfect pursuit, for advocating nature, pay attention to health, there are stringent green environmental protection law guarantee, in green culture under the advocacy of environmental protection, natural linen will undoubtedly become the “fashion of green distinguished bag culture”, also inherited the hundreds of years of green textile fabric bags classic. Xinshen linen fabric design research center with the fashion, design R & D start bags category linen canvas fabric, linen, canvas from combination of fabric texture, color, printing and dyeing process of linen canvas, to launch the fashion fabric in the shortest time, to meet the incoming European market flax bags popular fashion trend!

The suitcase, suitcase; small handbags, handbags and wallets, linen have become the most environmentally friendly fashion design value of the best way of life. Natural fiber Queen to Europeans expressed from the natural health, comfortable good with a silent fashion right! One hundred years of Hermes, LV, or ordinary life environmental protection bag, handbag, linen bags are the Europeans is a kind of happiness and pure natural symbolic way of life: in the alpine foothills in Normandy, breathing fresh, enjoy the most natural state of life in an unbounded fashion, has been passed hundreds of years.

Things change, Carle? Novel creativity Lagerfeld in spring 2014 once again cast him emerge in an endless stream, with a thick linen canvas, ingenious boldly into various elements together, add personal details, the achievements of the chanel2014 spring and summer series backpack. Rewrite the linen fabric in the accessories especially bags application aspects of fashion. A listing has become the new fashion circle. The Chanel luxury and fashion show most incisive! Show broad and profound culture of European culture and flax bags.

New Shanghai group imported French Normandy top of flax, healthy lifestyle is also devoted to the study of the Europeans, the European fashion and flax culture and the dissemination of the European way of life to the China plays a positive role in. Over 20 years of experience with Zara, h&m etc. among the major suit European cooperation in the process of precipitation, the design and development of application in many fields of fashion trend of linen fabrics, to win the customer’s favor.

Designers in the R & D luggage linen fabric, into the Chinese wind and Oriental cultural elements, inheriting the oriental cultural charm. Xinshen linen, leveraging the Chinese style interpretation of the European flax lifestyle, to meet the demand for popular linen fabrics of flax bags subdivision application field in Europe, and also provide aesthetic life styles and luggage design fashion linen for domestic luggage brand!

LV spring / summer 2014 bags of ad Michel Williams portrait of interpretation


The new ad the main display of the Lockit bag, Capucines bag and a new version of Alma three bag. Michel in the ad fresh and elegant, feminine! The film by the fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh with a mirror, Carine Roitfeld modeling.

LV Lockit bag new edition package body with Veau Cachemire soft leather, will go on sale in July this year and each big stores. Louis Weedon Capucines handbag is a new color, including the classic black. Interpretation of Alma bags, travel bags and Louis Weedon Michel sitting in three brightly colored, hand LV yellow Epi leather Alma bag.

It is reported, Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) 2014 spring and summer bag advertisement in May will be published in the international fashion magazines.

Chanel bag today global prices


According to the official news today Chanel bag will rise again. Yesterday officially been officially confirmed, in April 14th, Classic Flap series medium, large rose 450 euros. 2.25 series of each size rose 450 euros. Le BOY series medium up to 300 euros, or about 15%.

Take your time there is some amount of treasure inside money, investment in more valuable place. What do you mean?

In 1955, when Coco Chanel released the first 2.55 ms when the package, the price is 220 knives. If you count only the monetary inflation, this package is now the price should be around 1900 knife. But in fact, want to buy, please prepare at least $4830, equivalent to RMB 3W.

The fact is bloody, age 80, Lafayette was improved to 2.55, the small buttons for double C, in the original pure metal strap with leather, but also improved the cortex, 2.55 new born — known as Chanel Classic Flap. Since then, the package price is like a skyrocket!

America one blogger wrote, she in 2010, with 2650 dollars to buy a Classic Flap, a month later, the package is up $345. Two years later, in 2012, her bag price becomes $4900.

Buy gold to buy silver to buy stocks, buy Chanel

Chanel why prices rise only to fall? Analysis of bloggers, manpower, and rare leather prices are up, prices will certainly rise. Another more important reason — I Chanel is to increase the! Consumers are increasingly rich, if everyone can buy, I Chanel not valuable. (the above text from the catwalk net)

Fast fashion comments:

The price is the current situation the luxury of inevitable and necessary operation method. And, with the development of the world economy perspective, Chanel and other luxury prices trend still will last for a long time. Maybe you will ask: whether or not only up to the value and appreciation of luxury?

In fact, most luxury brands in order to ensure the image and brand value itself, using a variety of operation methods to ensure their products do not fall. But if you expect to buy luxury goods to buy the stock appreciation, then we have to choose the representative brand Icon Bag, limited or customized product. For example, Chanel 2.55 pack can price remained higher in the world economic downturn.

It seems, for the Chanel and each big luxury brands prices continued to rise, we cannot expect it to stop. Love of luxury, the only thing we can do is waiting for the right time to quickly. At the same time, said to myself: if you love a thing, why care about his price.

Nine strokes teach you easily distinguish LV Speedy true and false


Methods 1, veteran from the smell of

In fact, all the LV products have a unique skin, if you have a study on the LV, you in fact will know this handbag is genuine or fake. The taste is like the taste you enter the LV store will smell, is in a very special smell. But only to the sense of smell to analysis of the true and false, and not everyone can do, must have a certain skill.

Methods 2, see tread depth

Before many people think that as long as the resolution LV a bag bag pattern right will know true and false, but actually this kind of practice has been out, now those fake LV bags on the pattern has been done and really not much difference between, so this method has already can’t distinguish true false evidence. A comparison can see. If your eyesight is strong enough, you will find the true LV Monogram pattern is mixed color that Coffee, while the fake LV is completely full Coffee color.

Methods 3, check the car line

In addition, the car line is also an important clue. True LV car line is curved elastic very good fiber to do, so careful friends can find car line shows the willow bar, and is that kind of coarse grain; and the pseudo LV car line is an ordinary car line, so there will be no thick willow stripe.

Methods 4, check the internal cloth

Internal LV really is made of canvas, and grain coarse, has obvious texture, but false LV texture is fuzzy, see not too out of fabric structure obviously.

Methods 5, on card number

When it comes to bag inside, with a piece of skin will be small bag in bag, top write a really unique number LV bags, fake LV won’t have, and location will be wrong. In addition, the true LV leather including the small skin always is the natural texture, but with a fake LV skin will not natural.

Methods 6, printing to shallow enough

The bag outside is piece of paper, wrote “Louls Vultton Parls made in France”, should pay attention to is the true LV of the printed word quite shallow, but each word standard average. Instead of fake row spacing did not really standard average. Words per print not neat (such as LV and U word to be a misprint), this point is very important.

Methods 7, metal light dark

Xu skin part, even the metal buttons are true and false points. The true LV buckle key metal presents bronze, dull color, while the false will appear bright gold, reflecting a strong degree.

Methods 8, rivets have texture

There are really LV includes outside pan must be printed with “Louls Vultton” gold to write, if the pan is not, or seal is short, do not have to look at it is fake. In addition the pots really LV zip fastener nails will have a certain feeling of thickness.

Methods 9, list the handbag size

Finally, a secret, a lot of people may not know, on the back of the bag outside is printed “Louis Vuitton Paris made in France” leather Zi, so LV will be printed on the bag size, for example, the 30 inch bags. The skin of the back can see “30″ message, if it is fake words, will certainly not.

LV haute enjoy personalized service belongs to you


Design is personalized to their own requirements for life and the sense of self existence. So there is a strong sense of the pony elder brother nature so that there is a strong sense of LV let your faithful to feel there is a back. In China we also have LV Mon Monogram series of customized personalized service times. LV and other personalized service, also can enjoy in the mainland!

Mon Monogram customized personalized service

LV’s subscription service gives you the opportunity to by acronyms and stripe to the beloved LV products and personalized design. Combination of 200000000 kinds of surprise can let your beloved objects show the one and only personality. 17 optional color and LV package of nearly a hundred years of the selected color no two.

The technology breakthrough make personalized as LV bags as withstand years of baptism, and become more and more blooming charm. The workshop will create a classic bag in your chosen color and the first letter for you, the entire process requires maximum eight weeks.

Custom channels

At the same time, customers also can make purchase decisions in store computer simulation system of the selected color, after orders will directly to the Louis Vuitton engineering field, create personal Monogram leather. While the Neverfull handbag lining color can be changed according to the selected pattern color, large Neverfull bag more narrow stripes are available. About a 50% advance deposit, Mon Monogram customization needs six to eight weeks. At present, Louis Weedon about 100 of global flagship store can provide Mon Monogram services.

Highlight the taste LV released a Christmas gift


The Annie bags made of Monogram Multicolore canvas, add bright color to your dress. Large capacity with fashionable and full of feminine bow, soft folds and magnificent golden brass accessories, dazzling but without losing elegance.

Most of the color, from Zippy zipper wallet, using Monogram Multicolore canvas, large capacity packet body equipped with bright little Newpine, a series of pockets and the interlayer design more practical.

Brand representative styles, the Monogran Neverfull Canvas Handbag with a strong classical flavor, with inner bag early travel goods similar to a and Louis Vuitton.

Delightful Monogram bags of refined elegance, low-key temperament for everyday carry. Soft but durable Monogram canvas, lithe body and embossing handle design brings eternal charm.

The Wilshire Medium Tote made of Monogram canvas, highlight the exquisite taste of life. Chocolate lined with luxury, coupled with the use of A4 size, it has the timeless classic quality.

The Tambour black GMT watch will costly design and cutting-edge performance com. modern. Fine steel case using the Black Force technology unique, than ordinary stainless steel four times as strong as.

The Tambour in Black dynamic storage watch using dynamic fashion design, combined with a variety of innovative elements: Inspiration from the dashboard dials can clearly display the dynamic storage value, watch performance stick out a mile.

Monogram gold lace design inspired by Monogram Multicolore series from the classical Louis Weedon. Elegant lace two single Monogram flowers entwined with the hollow part of the skin, partly hidden and partly visible, very sexy. This exquisite pendant with adjustable necklace, is perfect for your daily wear choice.